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Building and administering large catalogue music stores requires a unique set of tools

  1. Building and administering large catalogue music stores requires a unique set of tools

    Building and administering large catalogue music stores requires a unique set of tools

Ochre has a great deal of experience running music e-commerce stores stocking tens of thousands of physical SKUs, hundreds of thousands of digital products, managing stock across multiple locations and dealing with the complex challenges that come with operating a music retail business at scale. Example Stores

This has led us to iteratively develop platform features with this use case in mind, solving complicated issues and improving the tools available to multiple stakeholders working across an e-commerce store day to day.

DDEX delivery via digital distributor

Beginning a store build with a complete catalogue delivery via your digital distributor brings with it a lot of benefits. Ochre is set up with most digital supply chains, allowing us to quickly receive a DDEX delivery via FTP, ingest the catalogue and then link all products into your store.

This means you’ll have a full digital catalogue with correct meta-data, packshots and preview clips for all of your music products in your store automatically, without having to manually create anything.

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Bulk physical product data import

We can ingest data for physical formats in bulk via a .csv ingest of products. This will automatically attach additional formats to your master product creating a clean data set for all formats associated with a release.

Unlimited editorial pages

There are no limits to the amount of editorial pages or sites with Ochre. Clients often use this to their advantage by either building out e-commerce stores into entire websites, or by creating branded microsites for digital marketing purposes.

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Easily curate and merchandise with tags and modules

Using tags and modules to curate products on stores is a quick, easy and efficient way to keep on top of managing large retail stores.

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Tools for bulk updates

As product catalogues grow managing large volumes of product data becomes a challenge. We have found that specific actions like tagging products and populating products between stores can take up lots of admin time, so we have built some tools to help with this.

Multiple Product and Product Format lists can now be filtered, and selected items edited/updated in one action. This makes it possible to update label and artist info as well as activate and inactivate products.

Bulk tagging allows quick store merchandising, and bulk duplications makes moving whole batches of products between stores much faster.

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Auto generate artist and label pages

Artist and label pages will be automatically generated upon product creation, meaning a master database and/or website can be created with minimal effort.

Duplicate products across to artist stores

When managing label stores you may also wish to build and launch artist stores on a case by case basis.

From your master label store you can easily duplicate products into a new artist store meaning there’s no need to manually create anything and new stores can be launched very quickly.

Add DSP links, YouTube embeds, images and articles to your Artist database

When adding a large catalogue it’s sensible to build out your artist database with DSP streaming links, video embeds, images, biographies and articles.

Not only does this make a store a better and more engaging user experience but you’ll also find many use cases for such an organised, complete and thorough artist database.

This is then accessible via the Ochre CMS, your frontend site, and any tools you chose to integrate the Ochre API with.

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Unlimited user accounts with assignable user roles for staff

Granting platform access to multiple stakeholders with the relevant admin permissions means many team members and partners can be working on a store at any one time.

Flexible reports and detailed real time stock information

Running a large catalogue store professionally requires access to detailed data, with tooling allowing for bespoke reports to be easily created at any time.

Ochre allows custom reports to be filtered and exported, daily automated email reports set up for any users, access to line by line accounting statements online, and a Sales and Trends data API where relevant for a closer integration with internal systems.

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Advanced multi-location warehouse modelling

As well as looking after your fulfilment and logistics needs as a complete managed service, Ochre is also fully Integrated with multiple third party warehouses offering multi-location warehouse modelling seamlessly.

Ochre offers

  • Accurate real time stock sync
  • Shared stock across a number of stores
  • Multi-location warehouse modelling for an efficient global reach
  • Fulfilment API for custom integrations

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API integrations

For enterprise clients we are able to grant secure access to a number of APIs. By integrating Ochre with your current partners and existing systems you can run an optimised, efficient and professional retail business at scale.

  • Fulfillment API
  • Sales and Trends API
  • Front End API

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Example large catalogue stores

The features and level of functionality described in this article often not available on other platforms, has led to a growing number of clients launching large catalogue stores.

Here are a few examples including: Dirty Hit, Partisan Records, Bella Union, !K7, Heavenly Recordings, Anjunabeats, Mexican Summer, Lucky Me, Strut, PIAS, Harmonia Mundi and Soundway.

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