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Custom Packaging

Our Warehouse Manager Andy shares some thoughts on Ochre's approach to sustainable and durable packaging, along with some interesting stats and figures.

  1. Ochre Packaging

    Ochre Packaging

We pay a lot of attention to packaging.

A parcel of goods that is packed up will usually pass through many hands, conveyor belts, vans, trucks, planes and be stacked on top of.

To ensure these processes do not cause any damage to the contents we have spent years developing custom packaging products with a long standing supplier, coupled with our specialist in house knowledge and experience.

This all gives us the results of only 0.97% reported damages in 2019 worldwide on e-commerce orders.

We also don't forget the unboxing experience customers have once they receive their parcel, unwrapping your carefully wrapped up vinyl is an experience itself. We've seen 20-minute YouTube videos of customers enjoying the experience unboxing orders we've sent. We try to ensure it's tidy, professional, with an element of a gift experience.

We don't forget your distribution suppliers either, we receive deliveries ourselves so we know how it feels to have a clear packing list inside, the products inside organised and easy to process.

90% of our packaging products are custom designed, tweaked and manufactured directly for us.

Vinyl and CD mailers are designed to give maximum protection while fitting into the cheapest postal shipping rates worldwide.

Our larger boxes are coupled with internal additional packaging products to strengthen and handle the weight of 10-14kg's of vinyl for your distro orders being transported through the transit processes with exceptionally low damage levels.


We also focus on sustainability, where we can we use intelligent design, not more card, to create more strength and protection. We work with a supplier who has a test lab and designers where we can tweak, develop and test new and old packaging products every year to help give the results to customers worldwide, looking for sustainable ways to achieve it.

99.9% of packages leaving our warehouse are shipped with 100% recycled packaging.

All but 2 of our 40+ packaging products are paper based to be recyclable, we use gum paper tape instead of plastic tape. Even our mailer bags for t-shirts and other merch are paper based!


Packaging at Ochre is custom designed with knowledge and experience to give the best protection for your products and customers. Access to the right cost effective shipping methods and quality customer experience, in a sustainable way without costing the earth.

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