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Beyond the Store

We’ve seen a growing trend towards clients building full artist and label websites with Ochre.

  1. Beyond The Store

    Beyond The Store

More than Just a Retail Store

At its core, Ochre is a platform that has been built as a professional solution for D2C music e-commerce.

However, flexible customisation options and a user friendly CMS has meant that clients are using the platform for much more.

Adding Pages

We’ve seen a growing trend towards clients building full artist and label websites with Ochre.

After launching a store clients are adding pages to the navigation including video, music, live dates, mailing list sign up and contact information. In fact, even this blog and website has been built using Ochre.

Custom Domain

Clients can then implement a custom domain so that the entire site sits on their own URL.

Once pages are added and a custom domain has been set up there is often no longer a need to manage a separate website, which leads to cost savings and other benefits.

Micro-sites & Custom Landing Pages

Standalone micro-sites and custom landing pages are proving popular for digital marketing purposes. This allows sites to be fully branded for a specific campaign, with a user flow optimised for the desired results.

View site


And with Google Analytics, Google Ad IDs, Facebook Pixel, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign already integrated and set up, those clients who use Ochre for all digital solutions know their marketing strategies will work to their full potential across all digital activity.


Unlimited user accounts with assignable admin privileges means it’s possible to give access to colleagues and partners to create, update site pages and customise CSS without them having access to e-commerce products and sales data.

Meaning multiple stakeholders can be working on different parts of the site specific to their roles, all at the same time.


Finally, for clients with in house development resources our Front End API allows full custom front end websites and apps to be created as well as innovative integrations with 3rd party sites and apps.

With this Fela Kuti API build all content has been created in Ochre via our CMS, a digital agency then built a custom front end for a flexible design and user experience.

View Fela Kuti Site (API Build)

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