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Run your campaigns with Ochre's flexible store management and customer support teams.

Customer Support

Support is handled by full-time professional staff working from the Ochre London office. There is no outsourcing, nor do we have a high turnover of support workers; they are music lovers and buyers themselves.

The Admin and Support team works across all our clients meaning we have a dedicated and experienced team and a high availability of support staff.

Our team do not pretend to be you, but work on your behalf professionally and effectively.

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Store Management

The experienced Ochre team can administer as much or little as clients wish.

Administrative privileges can be assigned and shared between a clients team, external stakeholders and Ochre staff. This allows direct access to the store and products, but with the backup of the Ochre team as needed.

We ship orders from our own warehouse and warehouses operated by third parties, so we are highly experienced in working with 3PL shipping teams.


Ochre operates with total transparency when running stores.

Admin access provides a full view on all orders, shipments and activity, enabling clients to check on everything in real time.

Timelines on orders and shipments provide detail of the activity of our customer support team and provides reasons why actions have been taken.

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To set up your e-commerce store on the Ochre Platform, or for any other business enquiries, please contact us.

Please do not send customer support enquiries to this form, instead please email

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