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Global Retail

Multi-location Stock & Advanced Warehouse Modelling

  1. Global Retail

    Global Retail

Multi-location Stock & Advanced Warehouse Modelling

Ochre operates its own warehousing facilities in the UK specialising in music fulfilment. In addition to this, there are a growing number of approved international facilities integrating with the Ochre platform in order to join our partner network of warehouses.

Our growing partner network gives clients the option to configure their store with stock in multiple warehouses across different territories.

Ochre’s fulfilment API also gives clients an additional option of working with a 3rd party fulfilment partner of their choice.

This opens up powerful warehouse modelling features allowing clients to easily manage stock across different locations and even work with existing fulfilment partners if required.

Music Campaigns

A popular option for acts with an international fanbase is to attach a US & UK warehouse to their store. This automatically offers domestic shipping to customers in the US, whilst all other orders will be fulfilled internationally from the UK.

The result is a smart solution for global e-commerce. Fans receive a much improved customer experience from one worldwide store, whilst not overcomplicating your logistics by only requiring stock movements between two warehouses.

For campaigns with a large number of customers based in the EU it may also make sense to hold a percentage of stock in an EU facility.

Features in use by clients operating at scale globally:

  • Stock in multiple locations
  • Advanced warehouse modelling
  • Multiple stores with one common stock inventory
  • Real time data
  • Status updates for orders and shipments
  • Powerful stock reports
  • Additional Bandcamp fulfilment from Ochre warehouse

Read more about Fulfilment Accounts and Warehouses in our help centre article

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